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Who are Bliss?

Team Bliss is a competitive esports organisation based in the Oceanic region. Driven by their passion for gaming, the founders started the organisation in 2019 in hopes to support young talented gamers to reach their dreams of being competitive gamers in a sustainable and healthy way.


Best known for their breakout player performances in PUBG, Rainbow 6 and Rocket League — Bliss stakes its claim to top-flight team-based games and is once again returning to Valorant.


In 2022 the team have a regular cast of content creators and have begun producing exciting and stylish lifestyle apparel for their pro gamers and their supporters.


Team Bliss recently unveiled their HQ in Brisbane, Australia — a facility dedicated to coaching and training for any competitive gaming teams looking to take it to the next level. It also acts as a valuable hub to the general public and facilitates community programs such as community LANs and viewing parties.


Ongoing feedback and nurturing from staff, community and players have helped Team Bliss grow, and naturally become a fan-favorite organisation in the OCE and the wider APAC region.

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