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GameAware at Bliss HQ

Video games are a lot of fun. Esports takes gaming to the next level because of the life lessons that competition can teach you when structured well.

Unfortunately there is a massive number of gamers who are overplaying their games and losing those benefits. GameAware helps families find the sweet spot between habit and hobby.

Team Bliss and GameAware are working together to help gamers play intelligently, so that gaming can add value to their life, rather than take it away. Intelligent gaming lets gamers do more with less. More enjoyment and better performance result from a holistic view of the person.

It all starts with a free consultation so we can find the best program fit at Bliss HQ

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GameAware Programs: Schedule

A Social Gaming Club
We can leverage the benefits of gaming to minimize the harms of overplaying.

Our gaming club encourages young neurodivergent gamers to bond over a common interest while learning emotional regulation, self awareness, communication and teamwork skills.
ADHD and Autism go hand in hand with gaming for a variety of reasons, and what makes our club special is that we are building a healthier relationship with gaming so that it isn't the only place our gamers are trying to meet their needs.

  • 2 hour sessions over 8 weeks during the school term where each session contains:

    • 20-30min of healthy gaming education where the group discusses their relationship with gaming and how to improve it

    • 90min of social gaming

  • Parents get coached by their kids so that to help on the same page and reduce any conflict at home that may exist around gaming.

  • The GameAware Online Parent Course - containing tools, strategies and an hour of education broken into 5 short modules.

Who is this workshop for? Neurodivergent gamers and their parents.

When: One 2 hour session per week for 8 weeks.

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