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Welcome to the Team Bliss family, oizoioi!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Let’s cut to the chase: Team Bliss has purchased stakes in the small batch apparel company, oizoioi.

But what is oizoioi and how will they fit into Team Bliss’ whole operation?

The brand’s identity is informed by the Vietnamese expression: “Ối Giời Ơi”, loosely meaning — Oh My God! 🤯

With humble beginnings: brothers Minh and Quang Nguyen, and nephew David Nguyen began oizoioi as a lean but ambitious family-operated business based in Australia’s northmost state of Queensland.

In fact, the brand launched during the wild year that was 2020, and despite the oncoming challenges they set out to do things their way:

  • Deliver the goods every time

  • Limiting their carbon footprint by running purposefully small batches

  • A focus on function: making streetwear durable and warm

  • Showing off the melting pot of cultures and communities that they grew up in

Moving forward oizoioi will continue to operate independently — but will be Team Bliss’ go-to partner to deliver on our promise of top-of-the-line merch.

"Team Bliss want nothing less than to provide the highest quality of apparel, and this decision was our way of showing our long-term commitment in that regard to our fans.” — Brendan “brendypls” Harms, Chief Operating Officer of Team Bliss

Style has always been a core component of Team Bliss’ appeal and a core consideration since the team’s inception in 2019. Brendan continues, “complete quality control over our apparel is something we've wanted since the beginning, and the ability to work with Minh and the oizoioi apparel team in creating more incredible merch is something that excites us immensely.

oizoioi is proud to support Team Bliss in continuing to build their community, deepen their connections with their supporters and help communicate their message through our designs.” — Minh Nguyen, Co-Founder of oizoioi

“We’re so excited to come on board as a partner with Team Bliss to design and produce their apparel. This partnership was born out of strong community ties and empowering each other to help reach our collective potential.”

Together, we are so keen to show you what we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes. 📦

Keep your eyes peeled for the 2023 drop.

I’m sure you’ll agree, we clean up good. #BlissUp



Team Bliss are a competitive esports organisation based in the Oceanic region. Driven by their passion for gaming, the founders started the organisation in 2019 in hopes to support young talented gamers reach their dreams of being competitive gamers in a sustainable and healthy way.

Best known for its breakout player performances in PUBG and Rainbow 6 — Bliss stakes its claim to top-flight team-based games.

Bliss HQ is based in Brisbane, Australia — with a facility dedicated to coaching and training for any competitive gaming teams looking to take it to the next level. It also acts as a hub to the general public and facilitates community programs such as community LANs and viewing parties.

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