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Team Bliss R6 Roster Updates Complete

It’s a full house, ready to show APAC Relegations just how handsome we are!

Siege has been quiet for too long...

So it’s time to upgrade and flip the script with three new additions to the Team Bliss’ Rainbow Six Siege roster.

It’s official: we’re bringing in Brendo (previously Ground Zero), Nikoh (previously ORDER), and Tesla.

The full roster is: Mahdi “Repix” Khoshnam, Anastasios “Odah” Hatzis, Beau “Shade” Hobill-Hill, Morgan “Fish0guy” Ishizaka and welcoming Brendan “Brendo” Sage.

Supporting them are key staff: Erik “Nikoh” Ahrenfeld, Jamie “Tesla” Tunley-Kemp and Nicholas “Golden” Nilsson.

Over the past months, we saw old comrades explore new venues: seeing Jigsaw move to Invictus Gaming, Todd shifting into coaching with the Chiefs and of course, Godlgn recently retiring.

But Bliss has been always about iteration and development. So we’ve dusted off and the ultimate goal is still the same — we’re aiming to qualify for APAC South 2023.

APAC South is the league Australian R6 players strive to be in, and last year Team Bliss narrowly faltered at the last hurdle.

"I'm beyond excited to enter back into the R6 scene with such handsome gamers and a handsome organisation.” Nikoh remarked, and on the new opportunity, “as the coach for Bliss, my goal is to simply enhance the current playstyle of the roster. I will look to convert my years of experience in playing and coaching into a catalyst for all of the Bliss players to improve on every aspect of their game — and just have a good ol' time while doing so."

On the recent additions, Odah spoke to the mechanics of our newest signee, "the reason for picking up Brendo is he's a promising young talent that brings a lot of outright fragging power to the roster to help us achieve the goal of qualifying for APAC South Relegations.”

Odah also had a lot to say about the new additions of Nikoh and Tesla as support staff outside the server though, “bringing on Nikoh really helps improve the roster from an outside POV and gives us a quality sixth opinion with a lot of experience plus Tesla will help the team focusing will be scouting other teams to show us their strengths and weaknesses.” Overall the dedicated coaching will give the R6 squad a clear sense of structure moving forward as Team Bliss gears up for the APAC South campaign.

Goals are set, let’s smash ‘em. #BlissUp



Team Bliss is a competitive esports organisation based in the Oceanic region. Driven by their passion for gaming, the founders started the organisation in 2019 in hopes to support young talented gamers to reach their dreams of being competitive gamers in a sustainable and healthy way.

Best known for their contention of the Oceanic National (OCN) Grand Finals last year finishing as the league's runner-up. On top of breakout player performances in Rainbow 6, Team Bliss is also active in PUBG, Rocket League and most recently, Valorant.

In 2022 the team have a regular cast of content creators and have begun producing exciting and stylish lifestyle apparel for their pro gamers and their supporters.

Team Bliss recently unveiled their HQ in Brisbane, Australia — a facility dedicated to coaching and training for any competitive gaming teams looking to take it to the next level. It also acts as a valuable hub to the general public and facilitates community programs such as community LANs and viewing parties.

Ongoing feedback and nurturing from staff, community and players have helped Team Bliss grow, and naturally become a fan-favorite organisation in the OCE and the wider APAC region.

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