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Team Bliss Sign Their Second Top Flight Rainbow Six Roster

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Bliss has designs on dominating R6 with a two-pronged strategy

Team Bliss is doubling down in staking their claim in domestic Rainbow 6: Siege, signing the undisputed best women’s roster in the region:

The roster will be supported by longtime team members, KrippsT taking up coaching duties and substitutes, beans and Monzz.

This squad is coming off a successful run under the Warriors Women banner dominating the XP Women's League in Seasons 6 and 7 (‘21-’22) with first-place finishes after groups, and in playoffs.

To put it clearly, they are pretty much the benchmark — they’ve won every Australian female R6 event over the past two years.

"I think our Women's League résumé speaks for itself, as a team and personally, given that we haven't lost a single BO1 or BO3 for two seasons running now as the NZ Warriors.

Four of the team members were also part of the Qwacked roster in S5 that also went undefeated, and previous to that Soy and I were on the S4 winning Elevate roster.

We're looking forward to continuing to compete at the top of Women's League this season under Bliss." — KrippsT, coach

With quality results under their belts, the team was keen to keep the band together. Their eyes set on Season 8 of Unstoppable Women's League (XPWL) around the corner, beginning at the end of June.

At the end of their last successful campaign, AussiePrincess1 felt that they were at a point to make moves to keep chasing their dream.

“I suggested Bliss to the team at the end of our last season because I’d heard and seen great things from the community and players. I wanted us to represent an org that has the amazing reputation that they do.”

“We’re so excited to be under Bliss and hopefully be another winning Siege team.” — AussiePrincess1

When it comes down to goals, “for 2022 we are looking to continue growing as individuals and as a team, improving ourselves to rise to the constantly evolving talent of Women’s League”

Ultimately, “hopefully that prepares us for something bigger in the future.” AussiePrincess1 said after signing. “I think one of our biggest goals is to make a global Women’s League LAN, the idea was floated around and we would love to help make it a possibility.”

“Rainbow 6 Seige is a title Bliss has been supporting for coming up to two years. It makes sense that we stay in the title and support another top team. The Ex-Warriors roster are the most winning Oceanic female R6 team and they've done it themselves, we at Team Bliss want to give them the same infrastructure that we give our male team, the tools that allow them to elevate themselves to the next level. It's super exciting to open a new chapter with the girls and we're looking forward to a very successful future.” — eDGe, General Manager

We excitedly anticipate Team Bliss’ debut in the XPWL on Thursday, June 30.

To new beginnings and hard-fought legacy. #BlissUp



Team Bliss is a competitive esports organisation based in the Oceanic region. Driven by their passion for gaming, the founders started the organisation in 2019 in hopes to support young talented gamers to reach their dreams of being competitive gamers in a sustainable and healthy way.

Best known for their breakout player performances in PUBG, Rainbow 6, Valorant and Rocket League — Bliss stakes its claim to top-flight team-based games.

In 2022 the team have a regular cast of content creators and have begun producing exciting and stylish lifestyle apparel for their pro gamers and their supporters.

Team Bliss recently unveiled their HQ in Brisbane, Australia — a facility dedicated to coaching and training for any competitive gaming teams looking to take it to the next level. It also acts as a valuable hub to the general public and facilitates community programs such as community LANs and viewing parties.

Ongoing feedback and nurturing from staff, community and players have helped Team Bliss grow, and naturally become a fan-favorite organisation in the OCE and the wider APAC region.

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